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Creator of the ZOE smart phone app, Jimmy Scarff explains…

“I know how enduring it can be to sit there and study the bible, all day, every day. People are always looking for creative ways to make their bible study a joy every single time. It isn’t always feasible to have a bible study when you are at work, or on the train coming home from work, when you can’t commune with a Christian group to get your fix on the word of God. I know with our modern lifestyles finding time for Jesus can be a troublesome task. So I came up with the idea of designing a way for people to get their bible seed all the time and bring about change in their lives in a joyous way with people from all over the world in the Christian community.

I had been sitting on the ZOE idea for a few years. When I became aware of the new technology available with smart phones, it was an easy decision to design and build the ZOE app. I believe this game called ZOE will bring about a revolution in how Christians learn the word of God.

ZOE is meant to be fun. It is a game which will challenge even the most experienced Christian on their knowledge of the word of God, by encouraging people who play it to know and quote their bibles. It was inspired by my longstanding relationship with the scrabble community, where the basic tenets of scrabble and the bible are merged to create an entertaining game for any age, gender, race ; and is encouraged to be an evangelism tool to the unsaved.

The best thing about ZOE is that it is a FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

If you decide that you like the app, you can choose to buy the thing and get rid of the ads that support it for just $2.99 for the KJV NT and $4.99 for the KJV OT. We hope in the future that different translations, such as the ESV, NIV, AMP, NKJV, NASB etc., will be available, and because of the technology, you will be able to play somebody in the ESV if you are in the KJV, or in any combination of those already listed translations, or more if the demand is high enough. Also, because we are non-language discriminatory, and because of the technology, if there is such a demand for it, ZOE will be available in other languages too!

Learning the bible never became such a joy to achieve. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our mailing list. Just go to the ZOE Skills tab above, click on it, and put in your details, and you can learn how to be a bible mastermind too!

We plan, if ZOE becomes the success we are dreaming of, to give 50% of all profits to stop childhood trafficking, and give these victims a real shot at life.



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Jimmy Scarff in Victor Harbor



Hi how are you today

ZOE is my smart phone app for Iphone. She has been growing in the womb for the past twelve weeks. My obstetrician (app developer) says she just has a little bit of growing to do (two weeks) before she can be born.

ZOE is going to be the most popular girl in church! Every Christian on the planet with an Iphone (and potentially an android) will want to play with her. She has so many nice qualities about her.

For starters, ZOE is so much fun. She will give you so much entertainment for whoever wants to play with her. I can imagine people sitting around for hours with their Iphones playing with ZOE.

Second, ZOE is educational. Any Christian (or even a non-Christian) will be able to learn all sorts of bible scriptures from playing with ZOE. She is an endless resource for bible quotes and more importantly, as Jesus only explained parable discloses, she will bring forth a harvest of the word of God for people who sow what they learn out of ZOE, as seed, into their lives.

Third, ZOE is good at helping people make new friends. Because of ZOE’s ability to bring people together, she will be able to help all sorts of Christians from around the world form new friendships and relationships. Who knows? ZOE might even be a matchmaker for singles!

Fourth, ZOE is charitable. I don’t think her parents and friends will achieve charity status to start off with, but I know that her skills at raising money will make a lot of people’s lives better. Her main causes of choice will be supporting children in the sex trade.

Fifth – ZOE teaches you how to play her games. On the ZOE app website, zoebibles.com , you will soon be able to subscribe to a mailing list giving you the secrets of how to be a bible mastermind. And just for getting interested in ZOE, we will arrange for some free gifts to be given to you. How nice is she!

Sixth – ZOE Keeps you up to date with major events from around the world from her father, me, Jimmy Scarff. Because of her connections, ZOE can tell you news of the major moves of Christ from all over the world, as a push notification like whispering in your ear. And my daughter is certainly not pushy!

Seventh, ZOE is FREE! You can get a lot out of pleasure for nothing just by playing with ZOE for free. And if you want to get her to stop showing you random promotions, you can give her less than a three dollar tip for her New Testament version, or less than a five dollar tip for her Old Testament version. By doing that, you will have access to other translations of God’s word on her which you can play at you leisure. And if she becomes really popular, she might even speak in other languages, like Mandarin, for all of her friends in China who can’t speak English!

ZOE is already attracting some major interest from influential people. Let us believe for a move of God with ZOE, and a revolution in Christian bible study.

Jimmy Scarff

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*Note to all viewers of this website. ZOE deals with spiritual witchcraft. If there is something here in error or unreadable, it has a purpose for being that way. Don’t be alarmed or worried about us. God is on the throne.